Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Former Student

One of the highlights for me is when students or former students seek me out for a chat. One such student who I have not seen in three years, invited me for a coffee. She was one of my favorites at the time I had her in classes. She is so down to earth. She had spent two years in Spain teaching English. When she e-mailed me, she mentioned she could not remember if she had even sent me a postcard. Jumping on the guilt train for the fun of it, when we met, she brought me a bag of Mozart chocolates in lieu of a postcard. She has some ideas for innovative language teaching, so I put her in touch with another student for collaboration. After our coffee, which she was fifteen minutes late for, she sent this note.

It was great to see you, and though I am sure I don't have any reason to apologize (again :) for arriving late and having such a short time, personally I felt sorry about it. It's great that you have pushed things forward at ELTE, and maybe people don't seem to acknowledge the major achievements of others, but at least you know that you've done your best! ;) The journalism course and creative writing also sound great, I wish we had had those a few years ago, but anyway, thanks for your quick response. It's amazing how reliable you are!

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