Monday, March 23, 2009

WAMP About

I was just putting the dates for the WAMP fairs on our online calendar and thought they should be included here also. If you are in the city on one of these dates, you would do yourself a favor to visit if only to browse. What does WAMP mean? Beats me. What I do know is that each month this organization, which started in 2006, holds a monthly fair of Hungarian designers and their products. The range is from clothing to lighting fixtures with lots of the in-between categories included. In order to join WAMP, potential members have their work judged by their peers, before being accepted into the organization. WAMP was started by three Hungarian women with backgrounds in fashion design, teaching visual culture in a university, and international relations. Some fairs will include a table or two of "Made in China" products, but they are few and as noticeable as a giant zit on your grandmother's forehead. Peek at their goods if you like, or just pass them by for the really good stuff. Have fun! Erzsébet square outdoor dates - The old bus station April 19th May 24th June 14th July 12th August 16th September 13th In October, they move indoors. While at Erzsébet square, you will notice stairs going down to the Gödör Club. Normally, this a cafe, but it transforms for the fair. October 11th November 15th December 6th December 13th December 20th

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