Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gift From the Blast in the Past

I received this e-mail from a past B and B guest. Hello Ryan,
A blast from last summer's past! We have been having some issues going on here (as always) so haven't had any free time at all. I have a great picture of Budapest hanging that I am planning on sending to you. It is in a cheap plexi frame. Is that ok? That would be the best for sending really. Also, as you know, economy here is pretty bad so discretionary spending in limited here at our house! We often talk about our trip and the wonderful time we had with you. Your place is awesome!
My note back: Hey,
A great blast hearing from the fun past. If you want, you can send the photo in cardboard to reduce the weight. Whatever works for you will be wonderful, just getting it. Please send it to the university address for safety. The result:
Holy smokes, when you said you had a picture in a frame, I was thinking a 4X6 and was concerned about postage. When I went into the secretary's office today and saw the large box, I thought it was books I had ordered. What a shock!!
I brought both of them home to show Ron, but I just may confiscate the one in color for my office. It needs perking up. We were both floored with the photos and the fact that you were generous enough to send them. We love them both and will think of you every time we look at them. Thank you repeatedly!! Ryan Sometimes people's generosity is overwhelming. As my note above stated, I was expecting small photos in frames. Both of these photos are huge. I would not have noticed the quality of the frames if she had not mentioned it, but they look great and are ready to hang. I always feel guilty when people spend money mailing us things. The cost is so prohibitive and in these times especially so. I do count my blessings continually even when they are spread throughout the world.

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