Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Sun Sets on The Budapest Sun

After a run of sixteen years, The Budapest Sun, the English language newspaper is closing its presses down for good. Though many ex-pats had a love-hate relationship with the paper, it was a fairly reliable source of what was happening in the city and country in English. There were columnists and restaurant reviewers that readers loved to hate and always prompted a number of letters to the editor. Now that negativity will have to be vented elsewhere. There were clues when the longtime editor, Robin Marshall left the paper. Then the paper switched from an every two week newspaper format to a magazine style issue. This only lasted for the month of January 2009. Employees were only told this last week that the news portal was being nailed shut. The website will continue, without its printed partner. This comes as no real surprise as many newspapers are crumbling under the pressures of economic times and the exponential growth of readers preferring to read their news online for free rather than shell out some money for paper versions of the news. This leaves the Budapest Times ( as the sole survivor in the English language printed news arena.

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