Friday, January 09, 2009

Eat, Swim, Read, Write - Cairns

This is my version of "Eat, Pray, Love". If you have not read it, you should. Today was the first day of rain we have had this trip. There are warnings of a monsoon or cyclone coming in this direction, but if it materializes, it will be long after we have left for Hobart. Andrew keeps us abreast of the weather report on a thirty minute cycle if we are around to hear it. He has used monsoon and cyclone at different times, but I have yet to ask how they classify them differently. Once you get him started on weather, it is difficult to escape. He talks about the weather more than US Midwesterners do. My day consisted of breakfast, reading, a swim in the pool, writing, a swim in the pool, reading, a nap, a swim in the pool, and reading. Then I strained myself by dragging myself to lunch, then took another nap, and continued the cycle all over again. Swimming in the rain is not a problem since it is still warm and there is no lightening to be concerned about. Ron took a walk to the beach and arrived just as the lifeguard caught a box jellyfish in the protective net around the beach. Ron was able to see one up close and personal. It was a juvenile, but the tentacles were still over a foot long. The lifeguard was going to ship it to a research facility. This is one of the twelve most deadly animals on earth. They just need to brush against you for you to be poisoned. Respiratory arrest starts in two hours. I read, swam in the pool, wrote, swam in the pool, read, took a nap, swam in the pool, and read. The Argentinians and I did not get out of a towel all day. The joys of staying at an all male resort.

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