Monday, January 26, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

Before we left on vacation, we decided the kitchen needed remodeling. One of the former Hungarian Fulbright teachers who had gone to the US for a year, has a brother who is a carpenter. We have been in touch with her thanks to our friend Jennifer, who was the exchange teacher from the US here in Budapest. We are having the cabinets replaced and in the process adding more where there is currently wasted space. Some of the oversized drawers are being converted from three to five draws. Most importantly, we are making room for a larger stove/oven. We picked out the cabinets and the counter top before we left. I am disappointed that our first choice of counter top is not available, so we had to settle for number two. The cabinet sample is darker than it really is in reality. It is a shade or two lighter than it looks here. Yesterday, we went to pick out the tile for the splash board and the floor. We also picked out the new stove/oven. It is everything I could want with ten functions: regular oven, convection oven, broiler, combinations of the three, and it is self cleaning. Yahoo! The last thing we have to pick out is the new sink. The double sink we have now has an attached drainboard. Being stainless steel, it has become corroded over the years with our mineral infested water, so the new sink will be built in. The tiles should be here by February 5th, so we will press forward after that. I cannot wait to get started, but more importantly, I cannot wait until it is all done.

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