Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The shuttle from the Central Bus Station to the airport is seamless. It is waiting there just about every half hour, until later in the day. The cost is $8.00 per person for the trip. The airport is not huge for an international airport, but then again, neither is the Budapest airport. Our first segment was on Malaysia Air. My individual movie screen did not work. The flight attendant allowed me to move to another aisle seat; the plane is not full. We coordinated what movies we would watch so we watched the same movies. The first was Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I really did not care for it much, but loved seeing the Barcelona shots, making me want to return. Secondly, we watched Bangkok Dangerous, with Nicholas Cage. A real boy flick, lots of action and killing, but a surprise ending. Finally, The Women, which is a remake of a classic film from 1939. As good as it was, it was only because of the the cast. The original is so classic and one of my favorites. I also had time to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother for some unexpected laughs, a show with Kelsey Grammer Back to You and partially through an episode of Notes from the Underbelly, but that was interrupted with the announcement on landing. The flight was over 7 hours giving plenty of viewing time. We gained two and a half hours landing here. Yes, a half hour. Adelaide is one half hour off from other parts of the state. Now we have a three and a half hour lay-over before our flight to Amsterdam, but the Kuala Lumpur airport has free WiFi, unlike Amsterdam, where I had to pay for it. Our next leg is on KLM. If they don't have individual movies screens, than we will just sleep. It is too difficult watching those screens hanging down from the ceiling. The inauguration is looming and we are so disappointed to be missing it. We thought we would be home on the 20th, but forgot the time differences and international date line.

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