Friday, December 30, 2005

South African Museum

South African Museum I crawled over to the single bed to sleep. I was too hot and confined feeling to sleep with Ron. I had a lousy night sleeping and woke at 6:00 am to read for an hour. I went back to bed then and slept until 9:00 feeling grumpy. We called a Rikki and went to the Catwalk to read e-mails. Five Rand for a half hour, you can order coffee and snacks, plus upstairs you can smoke. What more could you ask for? The only interesting mail was from Balazs who thinks he had a heart attack. We went to the South African Museum, which had an enlightening exhibit on cave art. There was also a wonderful display of indigenous costumes and rituals. They also have a very interesting exhibit of indigenous plants that were/are used for healing, food, clothing and so on. This museum is the closest to an ethnographic museum in Cape Town. The second and third floors are mostly natural history exhibits with stuffed animals and many geology exhibits. The admission of 10 Rand is worth it just for the first floor alone. The museum store is well worth a look as I found things there that I had not seen anywhere else. Though I only bought a few postcards, there were other things that tempted me. I spent an hour more walking through than Ron did, so he had a relaxing sit in the shade before we ventured elsewhere. The wind had stopped and it was hot. On the way to the museum we had a long walk through the Company Gardens and hopped from shade to shade. Leaving the museum, we weren’t quite so lucky. We bought a CD since Don was going to transfer Ron’s photos from his camera. He had run out of disk space. We walked over to Koof Street to the Lifestyle Center. We bought two of Don’s books and a magnet. We then went to the Spar grocery store for groceries. A stop at Mugs and Beans for a coffee was a relaxing rest. Ron had fresh mango juice- excellent. We called a Rikki from there. We had a new driver for us. We had not seen this one before. Back at the house, Don told us they were going to see Narnia and invited us to join them. He reserved tickets with his credit card and when we arrived at the theater, he only had to swipe his card in a special machine and the tickets were printed. After the movie, they invited us for Ovaltine, a drink I had not had for over 40 years. Either they improved the taste or the company made it taste better, but it was good. They add Horlix to it, a malt mix.

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