Friday, December 16, 2005

Paris Here We Come

December 16, 2005 School was finished yesterday and we had one of my classes over for my annual Christmas Pizza, and American Christmas movie night. They were a great group and it seems that they all had a good time. Today, however, is our big day for travel. First we leave Budapest on Wizz Air for Paris. We landed at Beavais 2 hours after we took off. Where is Beavais? It is not Paris, but a suburb airport. Delayed by having a cup of coffee on our arrival, we missed the bus to Paris. Tickets for the bus are 16 Euros each. It was freezing cold outside and the bus does not have a sheltered stand to wait, poor planning. We were told the next bus would be at 6:00 pm a whole forty-five minutes from the time we asked, but it did not show for yet an additional fifty minutes at 6:50 pm. It only appears when there is a flight coming in and the last flight was delayed, thus the bus is delayed also. It is a direct bus to an open parking lot in downtown Paris. From here, we took the metro to the B and B where we were staying. Our host Christian Petitjean was waiting for us. His flat accommodates two people and he charges 47.50 Euros a night for both of us including a French breakfast ( I tried smsing him a few times to tell him we were running late, but he never responded to them. He has a nice flat, but only the one bedroom in the 2nd Arr.. When he lets it out, he sleeps in the living room. There are two water closets or specifically one has the toilet only, while the other has the tub and sink. He is on the 6th floor with a lift in a very convenient location. Christian’s English is perfect since he is an English professor at one of the universities, but is retiring at the end of the spring term. It was late and we had not had dinner, so we ventured around the neighborhood. There were literally dozens of restaurants for any cuisine one could desire, but the prices were shockingly high. We did come across a Lebanese restaurant that looked appealing and was reasonable. The food was excellent and the cost was modest. The bed and bedroom were well suited for our need for sleep and quite comfortable. Breakfast was coffee and toast with an amazing assortment of jams and jellies, many of which he orders from Corsica.

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