Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Cold Day in Paris

December 18, 2005 Orsi had wanted us to contact her again today, so we decided to explore yet again some of the places we had ventured to yesterday. We agreed to gather later that evening. On our own, we wandered back to La Defense to explore the buildings and the Christmas market that was in the open mall area. The Christmas market was disappointing as most of the things were day to day items and not crafts or special Christmas items. There was nothing worth buying and transporting to South Africa and back again. I have taken few pictures. Ron has been very active with his new camera, so I want him to have the excitement of recording the events for the first time. I will hold back on the number of pictures that I take, so he can have the pleasure of the discovery. For dinner, we went to a Thai restaurant near to Christian’s. It was a small restaurant that was empty when we entered and full when we left. The portions were small, but the quality was excellent. By this time it was 9:00 pm and I had tried calling Orsi to see if it was too late to stop by, but I could not reach her on her mobile. She had mentioned that she was having problems with it. We chanced an unannounced meeting and they were as gracious as the night before. The four of us sat around and talked, but Orsi had French class the next morning, so we left by 11:00 pm.

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