Thursday, December 08, 2005

Immigration Office Appointment

We had our appointment this morning. We met our worker from Inter-Relocation and the Immigration Attorney at the office. Our appointments were for 8:30 this morning, yet we still had to take a number when we went in. Go figure. What was the reason for the appointment then? We had some last minute papers to sign, one being an authorization for the attorney to act on our behalf. He went with Ron, but Zsofia went with me as we were called at the same time. They are very professional workers having all of the paperwork completed and handing it to the officer as the officer checks it off of their list. Then the problem arose. The Visas in our current passports were for only the last two years. We needed three years to apply for this Residency Permit. The attorney and I kept counting the years, then it dawned on us that the first Visa was in our old passports. I offered to run home to get them, but they said we had 3o days to produce them. They also wanted copies of our bank statements from the States to show that we had sufficient income. I guess if we were Hungarian, being paid peanuts would be acceptable, but being foreigners, we had to have more money. The whole appointment only took about 30 minutes, but my heart was racing. We are going to be leaving the country soon and need to get this completed before we go. By law, they are supposed to make a decision within 6 months, but the attorney said they do not always follow the law. The agency can check the status of the application after 90 days have passed. Zsofia is going to come by early next week and pick up our old passports and bank statements. It is going to be tough holding my breath for 90 days, but hey, what does not kill you makes you stronger.

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