Monday, January 28, 2002

Ron's First Interview

January 28, 2002 Ron’s First Interview Ron left for his first interview this morning and I had another interview with yet another school. Knowing how much I hate the interview process, I could imagine what he was going through. I was offered another position, teaching part-time and went to run errands before returning home again. When I reached the apartment, I held my breath as I entered, not knowing what to expect from Ron’s experience and reactions. What I had not anticipated was him to be totally relaxed and comfortable. The director of the school interviewed him. She basically tried to sell him on the school rather than the reverse. It helped that she was an American and had been here for three years. She knew the ins and outs of the system, had him totally at ease almost immediately and she was interested in having him on the staff. She invited him to a faculty meeting on Friday so that he can meet the other teachers and get a sense of the school. I was as proud as a parent that just had their child complete their first day of kindergarten. It is one thing to share your confidence in another’s ability than it is for that person to feel the confidence himself or herself. When I had to run an errand, I bought him flowers to celebrate his first achievement in the job search. Being a yenta, I decided to introduce Fernando and Damon. The four of us were to meet at our apartment and then going for coffee. Fernando had a poor weekend with some emotional hurts, so I suggested he come a half hour early and we could talk and cheer him up before Damon arrived. Fernando called at 5:00 and said he was just moping and was not sure about the evening. I told him to come even earlier and we would bring him out of his mood and set the scene for meeting Damon. At six, I went on the Internet and waited. My sixth sense told me that Fernando was trying to call, but the line was tied up with the Internet. I thought it just as well as this would not allow him to cancel at the last minute. When I shut down at 6:55, the phone rang. It was Fernando. He had been trying to call since 6:05. He arrived early, but could not remember if we were # 7 or # 9 and did not know either of our last names, so could not look at the buzzers on the buildings. He admitted that this was his last attempt at getting through before returning home since he was tired of sitting in his car this whole time. The rest of the evening went swimmingly, as the Brits would say. He and Damon hit it off immediately. We went for coffee, walked up and down the streets looking in shops, and then returned here for more conversation. Since Damon arrived by taxi, Fernando offered to drive him home. I etched another notch in my belt for another success story.

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