Thursday, January 17, 2002

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Yes, I skipped a day, but you did not miss a thing. Our excitement for the day yesterday was receiving our first Fed Ex delivery. No, it was not my diploma! If you remember, I deleted the ten years worth of checking account records and then could only had a back-up until August of this year. I ordered another copy of the August statement, which I could not get online and Bank of America refused to e-mail me. My darling friend Daphnee received the copy of the statement and sent it Fed Ex. Her e-mail is down since her Internet provider went bankrupt, so we are communicating through her secretary, who happens to be a real gem. When I asked the secretary to let me know how much the Fed Ex cost, so I could reimburse Daphnee, she typed back, “Daphnee knew you would ask and ordered me not to share that information.” All of the tears that would not come when we began this sojourn are freely flowing now with every deed of kindness that people have been sharing with us. Thankfully, they are all tears of happiness and gratitude for being so fortunate.

Today was my ‘teaching demonstration’ and I was thankful for the sale on shirts and ties in Austria and Italy. They are coming in handy already. Ron’s continued project was the phone bill, but since he has eaten a half-pound of candy already, he has a sugar buzz like no glow I have ever seen on him before. He could make the Energizer bunny look like a sloth that takes three hours to move two inches up the tree.

The demonstration went well and I received all positive feedback with the exception that both the student and I were into it too well and I went fifteen minutes overtime. I was cautioned that when working with company students, they are usually on work time so need to pay particular attention to the time. Also, a teaching hour here is only forty-five minutes, not sixty. Since I was not aware of this and we went for an hour and fifteen minutes, this was a concern. Monday, I go back yet again for an office orientation and receive the name of my first student. He is the owner of one of the largest construction companies in Hungary. I will have him for two lessons consecutively, twice a week at 7:30 am. The thrill faded when I heard the time, but as the director said, afternoons are great nap times. She assured me that as business picks up, I will get more students, but with the other interviews, I may not want them and will have to start marketing Ron when he feels ready.

This evening our new soon to be friend, Fernando called. I had shared with him that I wanted a printer and had researched the model I thought best in our price range. He took it upon himself to call all of the other places that sold printers, to do a price comparison. When he found the best price, he offered to drive us to the store to get it so that we did not have to lug it back on the subway. When we arrived at the store, it was unfortunate that they only had one left and it was missing the CD Rom for the printer drivers. He talked them into calling their other stores to see if they had others in stock. When we found out that they did, he drove us out to the suburbs to make our purchase. The store, being out of the city, had lower prices and we saved about $20.00.

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