Thursday, January 03, 2002

Get to Work!

Get to Work!!

I have an interview scheduled with a language school. Normally, this would be thrilling, however, I do not have any clothes for interviewing. We gave away what was on over one hundred and seventy hangers before we left home, since there was no way to bring them with us. It was shopping time! I had pants that were suitable, but I needed a shirt and tie. I decided to by-pass a jacket. I do not think that they are that formal at the schools and my two new suits are sitting in New Jersey.

The neighborhoods are still not so apparent that I can wander around and shop, so the mall was my best alternative. Ron was positive I would find all of the post-Christmas sales and have bargains galore from which to choose from. After wandering the malls four floors twice and looking in every available store that sold appropriate clothes, I finally had to settle for a shirt that cost me $30.00 and a tie that cost $20.00. This put me into financial shock, thinking that it would be so much cheaper here. It will definitely motivate me to find cheaper shopping districts, like Romania or Bulgaria.

With so many things to say and so little Random Access Memory (not age related, I assure you), I have forgotten to announce the winner of the “Name the Laptop” contest. The winner is ‘Rovin’ Roger’, with the most votes. Second was ‘Lucky’. ‘Rovin’ Roger’ was submitted by Mary Ellen Schmitz, Ron’s sister-in-law, but I can guarantee there was no nepotism involved as Ron and I did not have a vote. It was purely the reader’s choice.

It is with great regret, more than a few tears, and much heartache that I share with you that the web album that I have maintained for over two years has gone belly up. does not seem to exist any longer. I have been trying for a couple of weeks now to access my photos, but there has not been a response from the site. When I tried sending mail to them, it has returned as undeliverable. I had over one thousand photos on that site, some of which were e-mailed to me and I no longer have copies of. Others I spent hundreds of hours scanning it, while yet others I spend many dollars uploading from Internet cafés. They have all bit the proverbial dust. If you had not looked at the albums, you missed your chance. It will be a long time before I trust yet another online company with my photos, since the investment of time and money is too great.

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