Friday, September 12, 2014

Thinking Outside the Box Yet Again

Desperate times call for desperate measures as the saying goes. I could say that I have begun feeling a bit of desperation creeping into my life. For the last year or more, I have sensed my creative side had been on the wane. In an attempt to refresh or reboot my creativity, I read a half dozen books on the topic. Still, my creative mind was as sharp as an overripe cantaloupe.

Without having university courses to prepare for has given me much time for exploration. With this in mind, after investigating print on demand companies, I decided to contract with Zazzle. The concept is easy. After creating a design, it gets uploaded to my virtual store where I then apply it to any number of products running the full range - A to Z. When someone orders from my site, Zazzle creates the final product, delivers it, and guarantees your satisfaction. Then, I get a small commission. 

This may not make me rich, but it has helped my creative side. In order to showcase the line of products, I have created a different blog BudgetNomad World Store which you can find here. Do start with the Global Shopping page to find the URL in or closest to your country to reduce shipping costs.

There are other money making ideas in the works revolving around shopping, so keep tuned.

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