Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello Kitty!

Shamefully, we only discovered this place because a couple of our B and B guests mentioned wanting to visit. Budapest has outlawed dogs in establishments, so we could not figure out how they could get away with this.

Regardless, the idea is great. We only had drinks and only saw pastries, so there is not an extensive menu. We did get cat snacks and had two visitors immediately. Other cats were curled up on beds, chairs, sofas, and in the play area.

There are cats of all varieties, so you will not be disappointed if you have a favorite. This is a purrfect way to spend a relaxing hour. You can approach them, but not pick them up. If they make it into your lap, it is fine.

Remember petting an animal reduces stress. Being a tourist or even a resident can be very stressful.

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