Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Absolutely Fabulous

At the risk of bragging, but hell, why not...the party was fabulous. We ended up with 19 people. Scheduled for 6-9pm, people started arriving at 5:45 and stayed until 10pm. Most of the Fulbrighters who came were probably under 30 with 2 exceptions. All but 2 were non-professors. Two of them brought their husbands. A third was to bring her husband, but he didn’t make it. Two others sent a Yes RSVP, but did not show. It was wonderful to have such a turnout!

Our friend Kat helped out by making prosciutto egg muffins for me the day before. I created my usual artichoke dip, which turned out different (I am guessing it was the Hungarian cream cheese). I wrapped bacon around dates and dried apricots, then broiled them. 

Originally, I was going use a cookie cutter on the pizza dough to make mini serving sized pizzas. The only non-Christmas cookie cutters I could find were hearts, so I went with that. Unfortunately, even after partially freezing the dough, it would not pull away from the cut portion. As a last resort, the pizza sheets of tomato and spinach pesto were cut into squares.

To round it off, we had mango chutney with cranberries over cream cheese, duck liver pâté, peppers stuffed with goat cheese, and then the usual snacks including pretzels, peanuts, cheese sticks, and assorted crackers. Everything was a hit!

Ron had visited TourInform and the transport offices. He had a new transport map, Funzine magazine, bicycle map, culture schedule, and some other things for each person to take home when they left. It was a smashing success. 

Of course, I hardly left the kitchen other than to serve, but I was happiest doing it. My Italian heritage invokes my love to feed people. The food was divided between the living room and the kitchen, so I was able to socialize with those who ventured forth.

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