Thursday, June 07, 2012

When One Door Closes...

We all know that saying, "When one door closes, another door opens." Well I am not here to preach the goodness of the universe or something divine or even good luck. Ron decided our interior doors needed repainting. Secretly, I agreed, but knew that neither one of us would undertake the task, so the cost was not something I wanted to think about. We have, after all 16 doors. In reality, there are 17, but one is hidden from view. Mind you, this is not 16 sides of doors, but 16 doors, with 32 sides. 

Ron is leaving for the US on Wednesday, June has been a slow month so far and will not be overburdening from the looks of it, which is perfectly okay with me, but that is not going to have the money pouring in either. This is the month we pay quarterly taxes to Uncle Sam in the US and I am getting a new computer. 

Okay, no, I don't need a new computer, but thankfully we do need to replace the kitchen computer reserved for guests and Ron. It is so slow, once it is turned on, you can go brush your teeth while you wait. You come back and hope it is ready, but it is still chugging along like lawn mower that has run over a tree limb. You return the bathroom and shower. Wrapped in a towel, you sneak out the the kitchen to catch a peek. It has finally reached the Windows logo screen, so you decide to get dressed in the meantime. Getting distracted in the bedroom, you decide there needs a load of wash thrown into the washer, so you do that before returning to the kitchen.

Once back in the kitchen, turning the bend to check the screen of the monitor, you see that the wallpaper is emerging, but still is like a hesitant ghost deciding on how to make a full entry. You decide to blow dry your hair. You are then rewarded with the full background photo and all of your icons are available for action. Once you click on the Firefox or Chrome icon to open the browser, you grab your cloth shopping bags and go grocery shopping. If you linger over the produce, you will be rewarded with a full screen of Firefox or Chrome when you return. Should you not pay enough time checking out the tomatoes, you just may come home disappointed. 

Ron needs another computer; he is getting mine. I am upgrading. What is amazing it that what would have cost $3,000 a couple of years ago, now will only run me $1,099. Computer sales are really down since tablets hit the market.

Weighing all of these expenses, I held a thick pillow over my face and had a primal scream before telling Ron to give the painter the green light. He spent all day here giving all of the doors a first coat. If we don't die from the paint fume asphyxiation, they will look fabulous. The problem is that they are now starting the make the window frames look shabby and in need of a new coat.

So the moral is that when one door opens, the windows are sure to follow eventually.
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