Thursday, June 14, 2012

And the Winner Is...

I am proud and thrilled to announce that my thesis student LÍVIA MARIÁN was nominated for and won the Outstanding Student Thesis of the Year Award. I am so proud of her. Her thesis title was The Megachurch Phenomena in the American Society: The Marketing of Religion in the United States. 

I have had other students who I have advised be nominated, but as their adviser I cannot promote their winning in any capacity.

On another note of congratulations, one of my current journalism specialization students, Orsolya Horváth. She entered a creative writing contest after I sent her the information. The contest was in the US, but participants were from all over. The contest was very controlled. On a pre-arranged date, they sent the applicants the theme for the story, the length required, but they only had 24 hours to write it and send it in. She won Honorable Mention with a prize of a subscription to a writing magazine. From the list of winners, there were only 2 people who were from non-English speaking countries.
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