Saturday, June 02, 2012

Phone Home With Android

I love to debate the differences between MAC and PC with people. Actually, those that held fast to their opinions and could not understand my stubborn refusal to play for their side, have booted me out of the life because of it.

I was Skyping with my long time friend Daphnee, yesterday. She and her partner Ellie who have been together for 27 years, flew to New York City from Santa Fe to get married. Both of them are originally from NYC, so it is not like they are taking advantage of the system. Because they can afford it, they had a professional photographer who put all of the photos on a DVD for their continued memories. I asked her to send me some pictures.

Daphnee who had a MAC, coyly shared that she had no clue how to get the photos from the DVD to an e-mail. With regrets, I said if it were a PC, I could take her through it over Skype, but for a MAC, I am clueless. She said she would have to call her son in NJ to tutor her. Instead, I offered to have one of my friends here who is a MAC user to write out instructions step-by-step, however, I had her do this from my computer for feel that procrastination would set in. 

It was interesting to me that she had problems remembering how to do it. Before sending it off to Daphnee, she mailed it to herself to review and edit while on her MAC before sending it off. She also shared that her father had a MAC, but never felt comfortable learning it and returned it.

Daphnee also wanted to download Skype, but didn't know how. I found the MAC Skype download page for her and sent the link. It stated that one needed to have OSX 10.4 or higher to use Skype. She had no idea what version of her OS she had and I couldn't help with a MAC. Another call to NJ to speak to her son for assistance. FYI, Microsoft bought Skype.

Today, I read an article about Android phones vs 'the others'. Androids are taking over the market. 
"Smartphones powered by the Android and iOS mobile operating systems accounted for more than eight out of ten smartphones shipped in the first quarter of 2012 (1Q12)." It further states "respectively of the 152.3 million smartphones shipped in 1Q12" with Android having 59.0% of the market with 23.0% for iOS (iPhone). 

Losing the race, but still contenders Nokia follows with Blackberry on their tail.           
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