Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Otavalo Street Lamps

More than a few years ago, I became intrigued with lampposts. Something made me aware of the artistic value that has to be engaged in order to create these public pieces of art. Yet the artist is an unsung hero when the work excels.

Here in Otavalo, on only a couple of streets, they have really surpassed using lampposts as an art form. I photographed these two years ago and never forgot them. This time, I photographed them again, hopefully 'in a better light'. Only two designs have been added over the last two years; they are the mask and a large red flame with gold cross on top.

Strangely, these two designs are on one street, a different street from the rest. I did not photograph the flame, because I did not appreciate its simplistic design.Regrettably, all of the mask lampposts were in areas obstructed by telephone wires, making it difficult to get a clear shot.

Regardless, the artist(s) should be celebrated if only here.

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