Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Don't Let These Decorating Faux Pas s Happen to You

We rented an apartment through AirBnB. We wrote this review when we left. However, what we wanted to include was some decorating advice. According to mom, Suzie is in San Francisco studying International Design. We hope to whomever, that she decorated BEFORE she started the course. Hopefully, she is doing penance now and continues until she returns fix the error of her ways.

What AirBnB is getting is as follows:

The door is on Garcia Moreno, not on Oriente. You should get a taxi to Garcia Moreno and Galapagos and then have them drive down Garcia Moreno. The hill up from Oriente can be a killer with luggage or backpacks. We did appreciate having a guard at the door and the security door on the apartment door.

The location is great for going downhill to the Plaza de la Independencia. After a long day of touring the city, we had to take a taxi back. The slope of the hill was too much to conquer at the end of a day. Taxis ran us $1.50 -2.00.

What we loved was the washing machine/dryer combination. We have never seen one machine that can do both tasks. It was greatly efficient.

Suzie’s mom showed us the tiny hot water heater that supposedly heats the kitchen and bathrooms sinks’ hot water faucets. She did not demonstrate that hot water actually came out of the faucet. Regardless of how we manipulated the hot water faucet, we were never able to get anything other freezing cold water. We could hear the hot water heater running, but it did nothing at all. 

The showers have the electric heaters, so you can get hot water on demand, though the water pressure is a variable for keeping the heater turned on. 

There are extra blankets, which people will need. The insulation is not that good in the apartment. In our 2 months in Ecuador, this is the coldest place we have rented. 

Though we had our own HDMI cable and the TV has an outlet, I could not get the TV to recognize the signal. There was no way to switch the source on the remote control. This has worked in all of our other rentals.

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