Thursday, March 12, 2015

Concentrated Covering of Guayaquil in a Short Visit

I love this city in short doses, because we can see and do all the things that we want in a short amount of time, and then leave. Never tiring of the Malecon, I can walk that daily and still appreciate it again and again. Since we were here last
time, they added a children’s recycling education center. To prove their point, they have recyclables all over the gardens surrounding the building as examples. In the center, they hold classes for school groups. 

We inspected each garden in the Malecon at least once, some
a multitude of times. Ducks in the Malecon get up close and personal. This is most likely because dispensers have food to buy specifically for feeding the ducks.

Venturing into the Minor Basilica de la Merced, we found the most unusual column ornaments. Praying angels
adorn four sides of each and every column in the church. The cathedral was less ornate, therefore, did not deserve photographic endeavors. As I had mentioned, we went to the Religious Museo of Nahim Isaisa. I still have no idea who he is. 

For non-religious escapes, we went to the Municipio de
Guayaquil, Palacio de la Gobernación, Centro Cultural Simón Bolivar, La Rotunda, Casa Calderón in the Las Peñas barrio, Museo de la Musica Popular Guayaquileña “Julio Jaramillo”, Puerto Santa Ana, and back to the archaeology museum. On the way, we found two art galleries open that had not been open any other time we passed. They were extremely inviting; we gave in and browsed. I am certain I missed something. Oh, we were going to visit the home of some famous local painter, but apparently, no one was at home or this was not their receiving time.

One favorite place is Parque Seminario, also called Parque Bolivar, but affectionately known as iguana park. Thousands of iguanas live in this park as well as squirrels and turtles. Generally, we never see the turtles of squirrels, but the iguanas are front and center at all times. Photos of this park will be a separate post.

For dinner, we went to the Pilsner Club on the Malecon. This is their rainy season in this part of the country. Early evening the showers started, but we chose to eat on the covered balcony. Within an hour, we each had half a dozen mosquito bites. This was the first time in Ecuador on the trip that any bugs have bothered us at all. 

Tomorrow is the dolphin and mangrove tour. 

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