Sunday, December 28, 2014

No Boxes for Hungary

Someone corrected me stating Hungary does not celebrate Boxing Day, but rather it is called St. Stephen's Day.

Well not according to this website or this one either. Apparently, not everyone received the memo!

The point is, regardless of what it is officially named, the reality is it is a celebrated holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Do note, that your links are Anglicized, especially the second one, which is owned by Columbus Travel Media Ltd (an English Company -- so a bit biased toward using the term "boxing day"). It is not that they did not "get the memo", but simply they are presenting their information to a mostly English/Anglo audience where Boxing Day is more familiar. Not to a Hungarian language audience. And lets not even get into how little one can really relying on what one finds on-line these days in any language -- another can of worms.

But of course, it is correct to state that the official day off is indeed simply known as the "second day of Christmas" in Hungary. Never the less, being a predominately Christan nation the tradition in Hungary does still come from the traditional Christian root of celebrating the Feast of Stephen, not the more modern, secular, "Boxing Day" tradition developed in the UK.

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