Saturday, January 03, 2015

They Arrived

Okay, I have to admit this post is a long time coming. The jackets we ordered from Global Travel Clothing arrived a few weeks ago. Actually, they arrived when we were in Cyprus, but here is what happened.

I had them sent to my private student's store. He owns a health food store and is always getting packages from around the world without a problem. I used to have all of my packages sent to the university, but I cannot do that any longer. When the jackets arrived, he held off sending me an e-mail knowing we were out of the country. Then when we returned, he had to cancel the next lesson.

When I finally received them, it was the start of the nine days without gas: no hot water, no heat, and no stove. My mind was on other things, though the jackets would have been handy for warmth. 

The gas was finally turned back on by December 23rd, but when it went on, the furnace would not work. It took us two days to find a repairman to come out, but who then discovered there were some broken parts. By Christmas, we were all heated up again, but shortly thereafter, we had B and B guests. One thing after another, I had forgotten to get Ron to model the jacket for a photo. 

Finally, it happened. See above? 

The first thing I did was see if my Galaxy Tablet would fit in the inner pocket. It does. There are pockets within pockets. Excellent security. Unlike the other coats that I have read about, this one does not have dozens of pockets. However, the reviews of those jackets with too many pockets fault this as so many of them are so small, they are useless.

I love the material of the jackets with the added plus that they are machine washable. Though the black color will hide dirt, it is a bonus they will not require dry cleaning, yet that is a choice.

So far, we are as pleased as punch with these jackets even if we had not taken them for a test spin in a pickpocket infested city yet. 

Visit the site here.

For full disclosure if you go to the site, you can earn a $10 discount for answering a short questionnaire. However, Glenn Cope, the owner gave me $20 off each jacket in exchange for one blog post. There were no conditions set on what the post should include, but he was secure enough in his product to trust what I would write. As a thanks and to give readers the full story,  I offered 3 posts. This is number 2. The third one will be from Ecuador.

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