Saturday, June 28, 2014

Want to Try “Google glass glasses”?

This last week, I received this e-mail. Being a techie junkie, I would have loved the opportunity, but knowing this was unrealistic, I just wrote him back about my location. His response is below the initial note. Regardless, I thought I would give them a shout-out for trying. Please do not blame me that he spelled organization incorrectly!

I think that ultra-expensive drinking holiday actually happened on our street during the World Cup matches. We were inundated with Brits, more than usual.

Hi Ryan
We have some of the much talked about “Google glass glasses” arriving this week and we were wondering whether you or any other travel writers in your organisation might like to borrow them? Perhaps for a trip or even just around the office!

It would be completely free of charge and is just part of our plan to grow our relationships with writers.

Let me know if you might be interested?

We are also going to be the first UK travel company to lend them to its customers, which may be a story in itself!

Best wishes

Byron Warmington
Marketing Assistant
Direct line from UK: 0121 200 5706
Direct line from outside UK: 00 44 121 200 5706

•    We are the best travel company … that no-one has heard of!
•    Recent trips include a £750,000 drinking holiday
•    No.1 ranked for customer service from 300 UK travel companies on Trust Pilot
•    UK online travel agency of the 2013-14

Hmm Budapest might be a little bit of a problem logistic-wise at the moment. Perhaps reach out to me later in the year when I have hopefully figures out how to get them round the UK first!

Of course in the meantime feel free to mention we are the first company in the world to also be lending them out to customers:-

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Anonymous said...

The spelling of "organisation" is simply British English spelling. Just like the differences of British English spelling of "colour" versus the US English spelling of "color". So not so much misspelled as an example of regional spelling differences.

Dr. Ryan James said...

I was making a joke, but apparently not clearly enough.

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