Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The American Dream or Nightmare Updated for 2014


For years, my Hungarian students were hooked into the lifestyles of the rich and famous as they viewed Hollywood films and US TV shows. When I tried to bring them back to reality, they accused me of being the devil incarnate. They still believed they could go to American where hard work would produce tremendous success, which in turn would make all dreams come true.

One year, I went to Bulgaria to do training for a week for university students and faculty. I mentioned something about leaving their country when they graduated, but it was entirely nondescript. On young man raised his hand and said “What makes you think we would want to move to the United States?” That fascinated me since I had never mentioned any country or even a region as a destination. At the time, this notion seemed so dissimilar to my Hungarian students' views. Though that was years ago, so things have changed with them as well.

This article The top 5 reasons why you're broke from USA Today will be an eye-opener for all nationalities, including some Americans.

Speaking of dreams, I came across this blog Envisioning The American Dream. If you click on the main picture, it will uncover a number of advertisements that tried to lure us onto the path of righteousness where there were the lifestyles we really couldn't afford, but bought into regardless.

Last of all, I found this cartoon significantly on target.

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