Saturday, January 26, 2013

Under the Weather Reader Writes In

A reader commented on my post "Under the Weather" with 
"Well, tell us about your favorite destination so far. Where would you like to live, if you had the choice?"

After having traveled to over 50 countries, picking one is like sharing who your favorite child is. However, like having a large family, there are children I would like to visit more often than others. There are few children that I don't want to ever visit again, but pressed, I could do without Morocco again. Luxembourg was nice twice, but three times is not the charm.

Where would I love to live if I had the choice? This is an interesting question, since we all have a choice to live just about anywhere we want to live. The real question is do we want to make the sacrifices to make it happen? For some, it may mean leaving family, while for others it may mean leaving the security of a pay check.

My sites are set on Central or South America next. I fell in love with Guayaquil, Ecuador, but the majority of Americans are in Cuenca, Ecuador. Ron wants to check out Panama and possibly Nicaragua also. We will see what research and the future holds.
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