Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hannah Huffmon - Visual Artist

Hannah Huffmon was a little girl when she spent a semester in Budapest. When she initially wanted to 'friend' me on FaceBook, my initial reaction was "does her parents know?" 
Well I found out her motivation. She sent us this delightful poster that she created herself, on her own, without prompting from anyone.

I had wanted to post this earlier, but I could not get her mother's comment below to format properly without retyping the whole thing. Since we were on vacation, I tried keeping up with the blog and photos recounting our days, so this was held back until we arrived home again. 

Thank you again, Hannah!!! We really love this. 

Robin Huffmon, Hannah's mother wrote
"Very impressed with Hannah who made this beautiful collage photo last night. She found all these photos on the internet but what is special to me are her fond memories of Buda Bab the bed & breakfast we stayed at in Budapest. Including posting a photo of the bathroom, as it has a cologne bottle in the photo that she loved at their place, the things that make a memory in a child's mind! She also loved Ron & Ryan James, her sweet memories of them also touches my heart. If you want a great B & B in Budapest that will make you feel like family I highly recommend them!"


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