Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Una Triste Navidad

In extreme opposition to yesterday, today was like any other day in the city with the exception that the museums are closed. The population of the city is out on the streets doing their routine pushing and shoving; I think they may have imported more people, because it looks like more than ever. The Christmas cheer must have worn off. Tired of their presents already, the populous are checking out the stores like they have never seen them before, not that there are any post-Christmas sales going on. Same old, same old prices!

Where is the Christmas spirit? Where are the family values? Who is cooking Christmas dinner? Why are these mobs of people littering the streets with their movement? Is this what Christmas is about? I remember the days when there were Blue Sunday Laws and no commercial establishments were allowed to be open on Sundays or holidays. I hated it as a child, but think I would love it now. It was a calmer way of life.

As a holiday, for me it is another day on vacation. Only the culture we are in either enhances or hampers the day. Not having anything to do culturally is an inhibitor. Shopping has been done, seen it, bought it, packed it. We walked and took the bus to the “other side of the city” to get a decent cup of coffee. Thank you Magic Bean. Later we stopped at a local restaurant for a Bolón de Queso. Too starchy for my new regime, but tasty never the less. You can see it in the picture.

For dinner we returned to one of the restaurants that didn’t want us yesterday. Today they are open normal hours, so bring your dinero and appetite; all are welcome. I made gastronomic history for me. I had trout for dinner. I have not eaten fish-fish for 40 years, not even tuna; non-fish-fish that I have eaten include lobster, shrimp, crab, scallops, and clams, but clams only if they are fried. Trout smothered in garlic is lovely I have decided. Ron had sea bass, because he enjoys fish. I tried a piece. It was not bad either. Now I will expand my horizons a bit at a time, but I still will not try the national dish here: guinea pig or cuyo as they call it.

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