Saturday, June 23, 2012

Willis Your Clean Up Crew When You Leave

If you happen by Kálvin tér one day, chances are you will find a wide open space for walking or skateboarding. Suddenly, without warning, the next day when you are there, you find a giant Russian monument, which let's face it,  it can be disconcerting. What is even more brain bending is when you see the litter on the ground is in Russian. Three steps later, you come across a little stand that looks like it should be selling sno-cones, but all of the signs of the side are in Cyrillic lettering, so there are still no clues. 

I had an idea what this was all about, but for the unsuspecting, it was really funny to see the looks on their faces as they stared at these invaders through the chain link fence. Yes, boys and girls or should I say fellow comrades, Bruce Willis is in town filming Die Hard 5.

If you want to see where they have been shooting around the city, click here. If I had know Bruce was going to be here, I would have sent him a copy of my book. :   )
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