Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too Much Excitement

How much excitement can one person take on a day, I ask you? I woke up knowing that today was the day that Ron would leave for the US. It is exciting for him, but for me it is so-so. I do enjoy the alone time, time to get caught up on ME time. 

But, this morning, when I turned off my school laptop, I was greeted with the screen showing there were Windows updates. Great! Almost immediately, it was followed by that nasty blue screen warning you it is up to no good at all. Then it turned itself off and on again with nasty messages that were not going to make my day brighter. After a mental scan, I remembered the Windows 7 disk for this computer is in my desk at school. There were State Exams today, so I would be there anyway.

Goodbye to Ron, his shuttle was coming at 10, I had to be at school by 9am. 

Five hours of exams where BA students defend their thesis and do the comprehensive oral exam. I had hopes it would be a quick and easy day until I noticed one of my colleagues packed a picnic lunch with afternoon snacks. How can you realistically justify grilling students for 20-25 minutes over a 20 page thesis? If you want more details, make the thesis longer. A page a minute for interrogation is way too long. Then they continue with the orals for the two subject areas. These kids could earn another BA in the amount of time we spend harassing them.

When I came home, I found a letter in the mail. It had those two side strips on the back like there was a form that needed signing, but was ripped off. It was from the electric company, but they did not say which apartment it was for. Of course, I couldn't read it so I sent it to Arpad for translation. 

Translation: The letter says you have run up a 1,336-forint debt, and this seems like a final notice. They claim to have sent you notifications, but you have not responded.
Unless you pay the debt off, which you can do until June 27th, they will shut down electricity in the apartment. This would happen sometime between July 2nd and July 9th.

For a total of about $7.00 they are threatening to turn off the electric? We give them over a hundred bucks a month as it is and for this piddly sum, they are threatening. I know there has not been other notices. Well, I wasn't sure which apartment it was for, but I paid it. Now, I am paranoid about whether or not they received it and credited the account. I went to the website, but it is in Hungarian only and will not work in Chrome so that I can have it translated automatically. The site says you have to use IE or Firefox. Geesh!

Home again with my Windows 7 disk, I tried repairing the laptop. Didn't work. I Googled every possible issue that I could identify and tried them. Still nothing. It seems the hard drive has died. It will not even recognize there is a hard drive there when I was going to do a clean install. The joys of daily living.

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