Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bigger is Better and Will Cost More

The computer store called me this morning to say that my new desktop computer would be ready today, BUT. Of course there had to be a BUT. My personalized technological vocabulary has been re-framed from computer to comBUTer. Okay, what is the but? Well it seems that since this is so high powered, the that will not reach the other thing, so they will need to do an upgrade

Upgrade is a welcomed word. I associate it with the last upgrade we received on one of our long flights from Germany to Malaysia. Yet, now we are speaking comBUTerize, not airlines, so it does not flow as smoothly. This upgrade will cost 4,000 Huf more than anticipated because the cord is bigger. And they say that bigger is not better? Well in this case it is. The bigger power supply is more indestructible than the original one planned. Anyone who knows me knows I need indestructible. 

While I have the guy on the phone, I tell him I have my own Windows 7 Professional disc. Can they install it for me? Yes, they can, so I agree to drop it off this afternoon. I have all day Friday set aside for downloading programs, and transferring terabytes of files, from the old to the new.

I did my private lesson, ran for a coffee with a friend whose mother is visiting, ran home to check on the guests breakfast dishes, and then dropped off the Windows 7 disk. BUT, the young man says, this will not work on this new machine. This is only a 32 bit disk, BUT this machine will require a 64 bit software. He threw some other numbers at me about megabytes. Up to that point I was following, but once those numbers really started to fly, my math dyslexia combined with my "your out of your depth" technology phobia really kicked in. All I could do was hold tightly to the counter while my equilibrium settled forcing me to rely on his honesty.

Can they get the Windows 7 64 bit? Yes, BUT it has to be ordered. It will be in on Tuesday. Strangely, it was not more expensive than if it were bought in the US; hip, hip, hooray for one thing. Clear Tuesday's calender it is comBUTer day.
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