Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Gift is in the Mail

It is always an unexpected, but deeply appreciated surprise when a guest will actually pay attention to my Wishlist and bring us something listed. The people who I would really like to clue in are those who don't stay with us, but pummel me with questions. I am not saying that I mind, because I really don't. Yet, when you send an author thirty plus e-mails asking detailed questions about your upcoming trip and have found the information worthwhile, a cheap paperback book would be a lovely way to say "Thank you for going out of your way to make my way so pleasant."

Today, in the mail, there was a package. It was not on my wishlist only because we had no clue it even existed. It is the book below. No, I didn't forget to rotate the photo. The cover is just like this. There are three things that makes this gift extraordinarily special.

1. We had no idea we were getting it.

2. The author was a guest in 2009 while on his honeymoon.

3. The apartment mentioned in the book "on Akacfa utca" is based on our place.

Seth, if you are reading this, know how extremely appreciative we are of this.  As soon as I finish my current reading material, I will jump into this one. Thank you so very much!

Our apartment was in another guest's novel The Master's Ruse by Patricia Schonstein.

Apparently, our apartment is impressive.
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