Friday, May 25, 2012

Budapest Travel News

I have mentioned before, the terminal 1 of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport will be closed at the end of this month. All budget airlines will be moved to terminal 2. Terminal 1 used to be referred to as "the old airport", "the smaller airport", or "the budget airline airport". Now is will be called the airport that closed. 

As domino effects go, Malév's bankruptcy has started the fall. Malév left a debt of 4.2 billion Huf that it owes the airport. That is some chunk of change regardless of the currency. Add to the mix that tourism is down still with projections that there will be 1 million less passengers coming through the airport this year as opposed to the 8.9 million last year.

What has not been addressed with this news story is what impact the other airlines have on tourism with their ever increasing fees and unreasonable demands. This in itself could have some impact on air travel globally.

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