Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Good Day to Die Hard" or Stay Out of Pest

The latest Bruce Willis movie "Good Day to Die Hard" is filming in Budapest, so this traffic warning has been issued. Presumably it is updated according to their filming schedule, but I just caught it today. I copied it verbatim from the BKV site. Fun! 

"Do not stop in the downtown sections signposted in the Petofi Sandor street, Ferenciek Square, the famous pedestrian street, the Elizabeth Bridge underground parking lot, the street and the Danube MARCH 15th field . 5 minutes from dawn restrict the Elizabeth Bridge, the Kossuth Lajos utca and the nun JOHN EXCHANGE street traffic at 6 pm. The BUDA Buses - Ferenciek spaces - stop of 100 feet further back, the Town Hall Street transferred. also stopping ban in the Stollár BELA, the brand and the BIG Ignac Street , and Sunday from 6 am to VIII., NEMETH street and Horvath Mihaly Square at 8 pm."

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