Friday, October 09, 2009

You Light Up Our House

We had some incredible guests leave today, Mark and Enid Sherman. Originally from NYC and still sounding enough like NY'ers to make me homesick it was exacerbated when we discussed the quality of bagels across the US. Mark is a retired psychologist, formerly both as a practitioner and educator. Enid runs a business with her daughter designing, manufacturing, and selling luggage tags and hair barrettes. You can see some examples here. The back has a hidden compartment for your name and address. As a travel writer, this is a great advantage as most experienced travelers know you do not want people at airports seeing your name and address, knowing your house may be ripe for the picking. Here are some examples of their offerings. Click on the picture to be redirected to their website, but not until you finish reading here. 

Mark surprised us with a leaving gift, a copy of one of his paintings. He had taken painting classes and later offered lessons himself. His specialty is lighthouse paintings as you can see here. We were also treated to his small gallery of paintings that he created while on their cruise here. Each painting was a stunning piece of art with extreme detail. With  my lack of patience, these only assured me that if I were to take up painting, it would have to be the modern splash paint in large areas type. As OCD as I can be at times, it has to be with larger things, like categorizing my books by genre, author, and in alpha order by title. Mark picked up on this habit of mine. If you click on Mark's painting, you will be redirected to one of his web sites.

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