Monday, October 26, 2009

IntraLasik Surgery

Initially, I had interviewed Dr. Randy Simor, a medical doctor who happens to be American-Hungarian, at his business MediTours Hungary, for my next Frommer's book. Medical tourism is growing at a rapid rate. I was impressed with him personally and his business, so decided to us his company for eye surgery. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but have now waited for the third generation of laser surgery to be widely used. 

Dr. Timor met me at the eye clinic today for my  eye evaluation where it was determined if I was eligible for IntraLasik eye surgery for corrective vision purposes. He stayed the entire time I was there to make sure all went well.

Because I am over 40 years old, I had three choices after they determined the health of my eyes.
  1. I could have both down, giving me excellent distance vision, but still need reading glasses (This would not be true if I were younger.)
  2. I can have one eye done with perfect distance vision and leave the other alone for reading. 
  3. I can have the cornea lifted and have plastic lens implanted giving me perfect vision in both eyes.
The choice was clearer than the eye chart that I would take option 2. I have done a lot of reading about this surgery and have heard from a number of people who have had it done. They all have to wear reading glasses. With the point being to shed myself of contact lens and glasses, there is no reason not to try going for one eye for each distance and 'see' how it works out.  I always have the option of returning to have the other eye done at a later time.

My surgery is tomorrow at 2:30pm; Dr. Timor will again join me there. The surgery is supposed to take 15 minutes. I will be reporting back. 

MediTours does a big business with plastic surgery, dentistry, and of course eye surgery. Although his business does not do any of the procedures, it does contract for the best of the best in the field here, so a potential client does not have to hunt blindly. They also walk the client through the whole process, so language is never an issue. For dental and medical procedures, they have someone on call 24/7 and apartments where they can put you up.

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