Friday, October 30, 2009

Lottery Week

I feel like I won the lottery, it has been an incredible week. On Tuesday, I had my eye surgery. All went well, thank you for asking. It turns out it was 105 Euros LESS than I had been initially quoted and that was not because I only had one eye done. The quote was per eye. Not knowing better, I had planned on having both eyes done, so I saved a whopper amount of Euros there too.

Then our guests from Austin gave me the Windows 7 as a gift! I still cannot believe their generosity. 

You know how things come in threes? Well, I had sent an e-mail to Zack, the owner of Tipton Eyeware to tell him I had left a "Recommended by Frommer's 2010" sticker at the store, but I don't think they understood why and may have ditched it. While I was at it, I had to share that I had brought my friend Kim in there, not knowing we would be there for over an hour while she tried on and modeled frames for me, before settling on a pair. Another thing I mentioned was that due to the surgery, I needed good sunglasses without a Rx, but with 100UV protection. Zack zipped back an e-mail asking me to come in, meet him, and look over the collection. This time it was my turn to try on and model. 

The wowser part about these frames is that they are made from recycled 45 and 33 1/3 vinyl records. The designs are original and not the run of the mill off of the rack kind. When you wear Tipton glasses, you are making a statement. After a few different eyeglass changes, Zack suggested I try one of his newer line of eye wear. All of the temples are made of old, but genuine celluloid cinema film strips. The one Zack gave me to try was from an old 'adult' movie, risqué but tasteful still. 

They looked great, felt wonderful, but could I really splurge on sunglasses? Of course I can! I am worth it. However, Zack would not hear of it. They were a gift with his thanks for putting his wares in both of my books and bringing a eyeglass-a-holic friend to the store. Now, let me be upfront. If I did not like the product, they would never have made it into the first book, let alone the second book. The truth is, I love them and think others will too, so I am going to do my best to direct people to Orange Optika at Király utca 38 in Budapest. But hey, if you are not heading to Budapest, don't despair, there are plenty of other stores on their website.

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jimbo said...

;) Hey Ryan, just saw your posts below.. THANKS for the shout-out. Indeed, you found a fellow geek here friend on this side of the Atlantic. Also glad that your eye surgery went well. Peggy did that a number of years ago, and she is soooo happy she did. We also wanted to say thanks for the wonderful hospitality! We love your place and it's location in the middle of Budapest. THAT was like hitting the lottery for us too! We travelled for 24 hours straight and are glad to be home and NOT to be sitting on a plane or airport. Thanks again for you and Ron for opening your home to us. Going to miss not being there and esp the wonderful public transportation Hungary has. Wish we had that in Austin!

Jim and Peggy Kipping
Austin TX.

jimbo said...

culture is happening.. CULTURE IS HAPPENING! (you must share THAT funny story.. how funny)

Jim K.

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