Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Work of Art

The post title is truly understated. If you have read this blog for the last few months, you will remember that we had the pleasure of hosting artist Tom Besson and his wife Beth. Beth was kind enough for forward to me a photo she had taken in Kerepesci Cemetery, which inspired Tom to pick up the brushes and create. Because I admire his work so much, I asked if I could post them here. Art is meant to be shared. www.tombesson.com

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nad oliric said...

Tom & Beth are friends of mine since high school...when Tom sent me the image last wk, I immediately purchased it...his work is powerful, sometimes beautiful, always thought provoking...I am currently using his work to illustrate my book of poetry (Existential Male) Though we each create separately, I find many of his images fit many of my poems...his are visual poems... Beth is poetry in motion.

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