Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Kim Files 8

Well the Kim Files are sadly coming to a close as her time here shortens. She was able to get in on the Opera House tour, while we went to Treehugger Dan's for quick coffee. Meeting her back at the Opera House, we stopped for another coffee at the Ballet Slipper cafe. Deciding we needed to gear up for dinner, we went back home. Kim read, I wrote, Ron puttered around. There was a big night ahead of us, going to the Trofea Restaurant. An all-you-can-eat dining venue where everything is included, a 120 food choices, plus beer, wine, and so on, we needed our strength. As much as I try to monitor myself, getting really small portions, I inevitably come away feeling like the Pilsbury Dough Boy, poppin' fresh. We waddled back content.

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