Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-OP Surgery

In order to prepare for my surgery, I had to pick up my lab results, though I was not certain where. The local district doctor told me he would have them, but at the hospital I was told to get them there. I had my private student write out in Hungarian "Where do I pick up my lab results?" listing the three. When I went to the hospital, they had the blood and urine test results and gave me a print-out, but said that the microbiology results would be at the local doctor's office. I went directly to his office, but he does not start until 4:00 pm on Thursdays, yet I was fourth in line. He did not have my microbiology results, but had the nurse call the lab. She had to make four phone calls, but no one seemed to know where they were. Then the doctor made some calls with the same results. He explained that they normally courier them to his office when they are ready, but he was having the clerk at the lab look through to see if they could find them, then I would have to go pick them up. They were not ready. The doctor was not sure if the surgeon would do the surgery without it, so I would have to go at 7:30 am tomorrow and ask the surgeon what to do. Part of me is hoping he will not do it and part of me wants to get it over with and not have it looming over my head. What I had completely forgotten about was that this was the weekend that my 'foster-sister' and her husband were coming to visit. Bad timing!

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