Sunday, July 05, 2009

Photos, Photos, Thousands of Photos

Sometimes, I come across something which seems like a great idea, but involves time and mental labor. Once I start on a project like this, I cannot stop until it is completed putting other more mundane things aside for the time being. I had heard of Shutterfly for saving pictures online and basically just ignored it, because I had all of my pictures backed up on Kodak Gallery. Something sparked my curiosity about Shutterfly, so I looked into it. What I could do there was different. I could basically build a web site of all of my albums in one place, where anyone could access them at any time without my having to invite them. They did not have to save a link to each album, everything was in one place. This was a wonderful idea, because not only do I take pictures for memories, I love sharing what we have seen through my personal lens and filtered thinking. Once I started uploading, I liked the results. What I did not anticipate was that this would take me a week of nine hour days, basically to upload all of the albums, sub-albums, and assorted photos. Some I do not like the resolution of, but this is because they were taken on APS film when we first left the States in 2001 and were transferred to CD while we traveled. This technology was new and scarce in Europe at that time, so the results were not always wonderful. Some albums like Ireland and England are short changed in the early years. When we left the States in 2001, we had only intended to be traveling for a year and had to carefully budget our money. I was a frugal photographer then; film was expensive, developing more so, and money was tight. It was not until much later when I made my first digital camera purchase that the world opened up and I could shoot to my heart's content, deleting later. Some of the albums, you would swear I never deleted a photo, but believe me I was usually heartless in trashing many photos. With that preamble, I invite you to see my photo site, which you can return to or sign up to an RSS feed to be notified when it is updated. I still have some Szeged photos to put on that are still on the camera. If you lose the link, it will be in the sidebar on the right side of this blog.

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