Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's All Geek to Me

Here is the daily geek report. I admit it, I was born too late to be a real geek, so I am a wannabe geek. When I was a kid, there were machines on street corners where you could put in a quarter and the machine would dispense a quart of milk. For fifty cents, you received a gallon. I thought that was the highlight of technology. Has anyone outside of NJ ever seen these machines? Whenever I mention it, people are flabbergasted at the idea.

On with the show...this is what the world of notebook computers will look like or close to it by 2015. Most likely I will be too arthritic to enjoy them, but with the screens that are touch only, it should not be a problem. Gosh, I will miss all of the technology that occurs after I am long gone.


Secondly, for your Kindle users or those thinking about a Kindle, this article is for you. There are ways to get books for your Kindle without going through Amazon. There are ways to protect your purchases from Amazon too. In case you have not heard, even after paying for a Kindle book from Amazon, they can wipe it clean from your Kindle. Big Brother has control of your reading material. This article will tell you how to turn Big Brother into a minor annoyance.


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