Sunday, April 19, 2009


We return home today, but the flight is not until 5:30 this evening giving us tour time. The weather has actually cooperated giving us reasonable assurance to leave umbrellas at the B and B. Jan and Jitka assured us there is no reason to leave our room. No one is coming until tomorrow. Jan encouraged us to see Vysehrad, the National Cultural Monument. Obediently, that is where we headed. It was a fortified settlement dating back to the 10th century. Large enough to spend hours wandering around, this is what we did. When we returned to the B and B, we took advantage of having our room still for a short nap. Jan drove us to the airport. Here are a couple of travel warnings: When we checked in, after receiving our boarding passes, we were asked when we made our reservation. Honestly, I could not remember, so looked at the date on my print out. What was explained was that as of April 1st, Click4Sky changed the rules. You had to print out your own boarding pass or be charged 10 Euro for each. This information was not on the site when we booked it. I would have remembered this. Still, we were not charged extra or informed of this when leaving Budapest. We paid it and moved on. The Czech Republic is now part of the Schengen zone, relieving us of having to go through Passport Control; however, the line for security was through the massive airport taking us forty minutes to make our pass through. The overhead announcements were calling people non-stop to get to the gate or be off-loaded. We arrived at our gate five minutes after our flight was due to take off. We had to wait for the second bus to transport us to the plane, along with ten others. The plane was a propellor job, small and inconsequential. When we reached Budapest, I opted for Zona taxi without an arguement. For the time getting to the airport, the flight, and the ride from the airport, consumed four hours of time. A train ride there is 7 1/2 hours. Is it worth it?

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