Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Joys of Running a B and B

On the heels of reenacting Prison Break-Hungarian style, we welcomed two older couples traveling together. Often, people suggest we write a book about our guest, but in reality, for the most part, it would be deadly dull. The vast majority of our guests are delightful at the time they leave, we are sincerely sorry to see them leave us. This foursome, though nice enough are starting to wear thin. Here is an example of a conversation regarding my computer monitor, but you have to understand my monitor can flip 90 degrees. It can work as a horizontal or vertical display monitor. Since I grade so many papers on the computer, I keep it in the vertical position to decrease the amount of scrolling I have to do. The two husband love to hover over me when I am at the computer, like two children waiting for a cookie. A: "I have never seen a monitor like that before. Have you ever seen a monitor like that before? L: "I have a monitor like that and it does the same thing." A: "That is not what I asked. Have you seen a monitor like that before?" L: "Of course I have. I just told you I have one myself. Of course I have seen one before. I own one. What's the matter with you?" Or another example: A: "We stayed in one of the hotels you recommended in the book for a night when we went to Szentendre. Would like our review?" R: "Yes, I would love to know what your opinion of it was." A: "That is what a review is." This type of back and forth goes on non-stop, but tomorrow it is over. When they came home last night raving about a Kosher restaurant they went to, I did not dare tell them that it is not Kosher, though it is a Jewish restaurant. I have been there and asked for guests as well as for the book. After almost six years, I can only say that the juicy material would never fill a book, but at the moment, just a hefty pamphlet.

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