Friday, April 03, 2009

Back to the Future

When I booted up the computer this morning, it immediately wanted to install Internet Explorer 8, though I have had it already. I let it go, but it needs to do a restart afterward. The computer would not restart. I tried getting to the Task Manager, which opened, but displayed on the screen frozen as a Floridian in summer in San Francisco. Nothing! I had to manually shut down, trying to start in the last known good configuration. It would not boot. I tried it in Safe Mode to do a System Restore, but SR would not even open. The CPU was 100%, so it was a no go. I text messaged the computer tech, while I painstakingly did my Voodoo computer ritual, performed my most eloquent pagan technology dance, and lit candles around the hard drive, with worry and rosary beads in hand. Why leave anything to chance? Forty minutes later, something gave the boot the boot and it started up. I was able to do a system restore to last night after Balazs fixed the connections. Thankfully, I had set a restore point then. Perhaps having a typewriter, a ream of paper, and carbons would be great back-up insurance.

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