Sunday, June 01, 2008

One From Paul-iana

Ron: "OK, OK, I read your blog and I get it. So no more perky Pauliana
stories from me. Well, maybe a couple more.
Last night we did Mexican food before Comedy Club. Four comedians, all
quite funny. Elise and Katie (when she got the joke) laughing loudly.
A couple of gay jokes I'll try to recall later. Then to pub
specializing in "infused vodkas"... we had strawberry and pineapple.
Quite intense flavors and jolts. The more mature 3 of us - Mark, Rita,
and I- left at 10.30. E and K are now still sleeping it off in their
basement. Their big plans for brunch at Bump and Grind, where servers
are queenly impersonators, and a hike are indefinitely on hold. After
church, Mark and I to shop. No sign of your Red Roses or 5 in their
large selection. The hunt continues.
Yesterday, noticed Hard Rock, so E will get me there for a pin. That
reminded her that she and Nicold got us one from Hawaii. Neat
pineapple one. The tried Virgin for Tibetan Bells... sold out. While
there, three young blind women and Fleurette, their canine friend came
in. They seemed confused, asked me if this was Victoria Secret ! I
passed them off to Elise and she got them oriented. They were cute,
said Fleurette liked lacy panties too.
Laszlo wrote two sentences. Said he'd be back in August. Sigh......
Mark has a fake crab salad ready, so I'm off.
Well, I see where your priorities are...TWO, count em, Vanilla Cakes.
Not at one sitting, I hope. Now you need to go to all the baths to
steam off those goodies. But good on you. (Practicing Aussie talk)."

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