Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lost Luggage - Reward for Return

The luggage courier was gracious enough not to wake us during the night, but Linda was still wearing the same clothes, too. I found on the Malev web site this morning that will the magical reference number, you can update your contact information. I did that and put in my mobile number. The land phone started to ring, without remorse or apology. We were as helpless as prisoners in Guantanamo. After listening to Linda's enthusiasm about the thermals, only to see the idea shattered by the fact that her bathing suit was in Luggage Lost, I attempted the calling process one more time. I struck gold. A woman named Eva answered and again tried giving me the number for the delivery people. When I explained my frustration from last night, she said she would call for me. I made her promise she would call me back with the results, though I was helpless to plot any revenge if she did not. I could not locate her on my GPS. Bless her Hungarian heart, she called back minutes later to announce delivery would be between 9 and 10 am. By 9:34, the doorbell rang and it was here. If you ever thought that owning a B and B is NOT all fun and games, you should try it? We play phone games all of the time.

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