Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Never Get Caught Up

Well the e-mails back and forth between Ron and I kept coming until he returned home on June 7th. The point of the inter-play was to highlight the fact that while he was having a wonderful time, I was overwhelmed. Therefore, when he returned, I was not about to be refreshed, lively, and a wonderful waiting play pal. The day he returned and walked into the door at noon, his great niece or is it grandniece Andrea arrived at 6pm after visiting Prague with her friend Mila. With guests leaving the large room that morning and another guest in the small room during their stay, we barely had an hour to meet and greet each other before others needed our time and attention. With Ron traveling overnight US time, he had to take a much needed nap to adjust for playing host. I continued with the lion's share of household duties until the niece left so give him quality time with her, but depleting my supplementary energy reserve in the effort. I love having family come to visit from the brief experiences we have had. Andrea's sister Elise was the first family member to grace our home last summer and now Andrea. Hopefully, this will be a new trend and they are paving the way for others. My closest, dearest friend Daphnee canceled her visit at the last minute due to medical issues. This is the second time this has happened. Heaven knows, it will be a cold day when my nephews decide to bless me with their presence, so I more than welcome Ron's crew. Ron escorted them around the city, sometimes having to drag them along. They were exhausted, but he was bound and determined to make sure they filled their minutes with activity. Paradoxically, he had some concerns when his niece Elise had the same agenda for him when he was in Denver, but the memory is short when on your home turf. Both young women were more than delightful, a pleasure to have around and their presence created a feeling of family that I so often miss. As the saying goes, "Fish and house guests start to stink after three days". However, the ladies could have staid longer without this missive applying to them. They blended nicely. On the Monday night they were here, some of my students came to take them out and show them the youthful side of Budapest. Students arrived here with bottles of beer to start out celebrating and do the warm up drinking exercises before heading out. Two hours later, they made it to the door and reports are that they crawled in again at 4 am, long, long after we were in bed. Once the family left, Ron had to share the responsibilities of relighting the pilot light on the hot water heater each time it goes out, fixing the toilet when it won't stop running, preparing breakfast for all who happens to be here, going grocery shopping, paying bills, running to the post office, changing the linens on the beds, cleaning the room, making reservations, greeting guests, and the list continues. He had over three weeks of being wined and dined, being made to feel special and recharge his batteries. My battery needs jumper cables and a jump start.

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